10 dried figs calories for the bulk seller in the global market

10 dried figs calories for the bulk seller in the global market

Dried figs are rich in calories, consuming 10 dried figs in a week makes you feel very healthy
You can purchase dried figs in retail and bulks from many sellers in the global market
he dried fig market is analyzed in terms of geographic production, consumption, and import and export trends in 10+ demographic groups

Calories in dried figs

These changes were analyzed in countries such as the USA, Iran, Germany, France, India, the UK, Russia, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, and Greece, among others
The report provides market size and forecast value (million USD) and volume (thousand metric tons) for all the above segments
Fig is one of the most consumed fruits in Iran
Due to its medicinal and medicinal nutritional value, figs are eaten both fresh and dried
These fruits are very tasty and full of different ingredients and are among the best-selling products produced by Arad dried fruits
In this article, we will try to tell you more about Arad dried figs and talk about its unique benefits and stay with us until the end
Dried figs are a fruit that is widely used in its dried form
Dried figs are rich in nutrients and minerals that are useful in the treatment of many diseases

 10 dried figs calories for the bulk seller in the global market

In addition, dried figs contain vitamins B1, B2, iron, phosphorus, copper, etc
Dried figs have two types, light and dark
You can also buy dried figs in different packages in Arad
As you know, figs are a well-known source of nutrients that contain many vitamins C and K, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, fiber, etc
Dried figs have less water, so they contain more minerals and vitamins than fresh figs of the same weight
Although it is sweet and sugary, this fruit helps to lose weight
In addition to the good taste, dried figs also have special properties
It is also grown in different varieties and is available in the market
Therefore, the types of dried figs will include the following:

Black Fig: Black fig is actually called the hero among fruits because of its unique taste and many benefits
As the name suggests, these fruits turn black when ripe and contain more antioxidants than other types of figs

Yellow figs: The fig variety is also very popular and has excellent properties
Like the prevention and treatment of many diseases

Date type of fig: This type of fig has a dark color, good taste and good quality
The fig type of date has a soft skin and is often used in syrups and jams

Sun-drying is the oldest technique known for food conservation, demanding only space and time without any additives, equipment, or storage constraints
The first dried figs were likely found by accident, naturally shriveled on the tree before picking but still perfectly good to eat
Modern processing is considerably more advanced, starting with sterilization in a rinse of water and acid, often as benign as lemon juice, to ensure safety
The fresh figs are then rapidly moved through powerful wind tunnels to accelerate the drying process, ensuring consistent texture and taste for every batch
Some companies do add sulfur dioxide or sulfates to extend shelf life
Sulfates are mineral salts that can be organic or man-made, but some people are sensitive to these ingredients, so check labels carefully if you’d like to avoid them

 10 dried figs calories for the bulk seller in the global market

Dried figs are rich fibers that make you feel fuller and consume fewer calories
This helps you to have a balanced diet The purchase and sale of the highest quality dried figs are offered to all customers around the world
Fresh and dried figs of different qualities are available in the market
Arad is ready to sell high-quality dried figs to offer the best to customers
Choosing a specialty grocery store is one of the most popular shopping steps
Selling dried figs in bulk is also one of the goals of our online store
High-quality figs must be free of any insects and must also have the necessary standards of appearance, size, and color
Many stores sell dried figs
The reason for this is the high-quality production of Iranian figs
Many cities in Iran produce figs due to the climatic conditions of this land, which is a tropical region suitable for the production and growth of figs
Special sales centers for dried figs are available to buyers in person and online
Selling dried figs is not our only goal, but customer satisfaction, easy availability of products and finally becoming a regular buyer is our main goal
The sale of dried figs is determined by the size, shape and breed of the figs
At the special fig sales center, you can see and buy different figs from all over Iran
One of the figs produced in Iran, figs from the city of Estahban are highly valued
The reason is that their mode of growth is organic
This fig has the highest shelf life among figs and stays on the tree for a long time
The longer it stays on a tree, the higher its nutritional value and the more economic value it has
Selling dried figs online and in online stores has become common
Increased awareness, service delivery and quality assurance are some of the factors that have increased people’s trust in Arad
Estahban Fig Farm is the direct distributor of this fruit in the region and all over Iran
This online grocery store has made buying and selling dried figs possible for anyone in the world
The sale of dried figs is based on competition and quality
Due to the large production of high quality figs in Estahban, you can buy the product you want online from the Arad website
The reason for this confidence is the strong competition from figs in this region
When the product is common in the region, distributors and different companies, in order to win the trust of customers, increase the quality and guarantee of products in their collection
That’s why all competitors try to stay on the competition field
In addition to buying and selling dried figs in person, there is also an online method
With the online process, you won’t be able to tell the difference between high quality figs and old figs

 10 dried figs calories for the bulk seller in the global market

Dried figs global market

High-quality dried figs are distributed to world markets by fig export companies
Do you know the price of figs exported by Iran to the global market, which are of high quality, and sold in Iranian markets? What numbers are best for shipping? Different types of dried figs, which can be purchased with different characteristics, are sold in the world markets by commercial companies that export dried fruit
Exporters know that the premium dried figs are in demand in the world market if the price and level set to sell them in the fig market is appropriate
For this reason, the average level of quality of Iranian figs is distributed in the export market
Figs are delicious fruit whose properties and benefits have been known for a long time
Because of its season, figs are used in dried form during the winter
Here is a brief discussion of the properties of dried figs:

Dried figs help treat indigestion and constipation

Dried figs provide physical strength to the consumer

Dried figs cause hair fall and contribute to hair growth

Treatment of anemia is another benefit of dried figs

Business companies engaged in dry fruit export and import are exporting high quality dried figs to different countries
In fact, if you pay attention to the obtained
statistics, you will understand that Iran is among the top 5 exporters of dry figures of the first class in the world market
Turkey is the largest exporter of figs in the world with 49% of the world market share
It is followed by Afghanistan with 19% and Austria, Spain and the Netherlands with 4% of the world market
Iran is the 15th largest exporter of figs
 But the countries of India, Germany, France, America and Austria respectively have the largest import of figs
Among the importing countries, India and Austria have a high potential and a growing market
After that, there has been an increase in fig marketing in America, Canada, Holland, Germany, France and Switzerland in the last five years, and the markets in England
and Italy have increased during the last year
Dear buyers, you can choose Astyak Market website with a large collection of wholesale Estehban dried figs or advice on exporting dried figs to Iran

 10 dried figs calories for the bulk seller in the global market

Bulk sellers dried figs market

Dried fruits are among those goods that are considered to have a great market in the world
This made many bulk sellers step into this market for the enormous profit margin they can achieve
When it comes to the types of dried figs, it doesn’t mean different types depending on the breed or the type of tree
All dried fig products in and around the Estehban region have a type and breed
The only difference that separates Eshtaban dried figs from different varieties is the size of each fig, its color and appearance, and the smile or closed mouth of the fig
According to these differences, the production of fig trees can be divided into several categories
These categories are dried figs A-2A-3A-B, dried figs Sedik, and Perak
Dried figs A and B are often used to prepare fig products due to the low quality of other components
Most dried figs exported by Iran are 2A and 3A dried figs
Of course, in the export of dried figs from Iran, poor quality groups are also used
Due to the abundance of Estahban dried figs, they are exported with poor quality, mainly for use by pharmaceutical companies and for storage
Some Persian Gulf countries also buy high-quality Estehban figs, namely Siddik and Perak
But the dried figs exported from Iran are 2A and 3A, which are mainly exported to East Asia and European countries
Currently, China is the largest importer of figs from Iran
Nearly 99% of the exporters are in this city, he added: In order to “protect the identity of Estehban figs”, these people demand that the issuance of quarantine certificates and customs assistance for the export of figs from the city of Estehban are strengthened
Estahban, with an area of ​​24,500 hectares of figs and an annual production of around 15,000 tons, ranks first in Iran
More than half of Estehban’s figs are “standard” and preliminary steps have been taken to obtain “ICM certification” for two fig farms with an area of ​​16 and 7 hectares, and other farms are also in progress
the agenda
The Director of Agricultural Jihad in Estehban, pointing out that people export figs with disposable business cards, said: The export demand is that Estehban is the export point for figs in Iran
The price of fig production is determined by the market based on supply and demand, he continued: “Current problems with fig exports include raw agricultural production which is not properly intended for to marketing
Dear exporters
Unfortunately, currently, figs are exported in large ten-kilogram packages, while in the target countries they are delivered to consumers in hot packaging with their own label

 10 dried figs calories for the bulk seller in the global market

Another problem that prevents the export of Iranian figs to the important market of China is the high customs tariff imposed by this country, while the tariff in many countries is zero, so it is necessary to consult the embassy to delete it
The house of Iran in China should be implemented by the authorities of this country to solve some of these problems, the special characteristics of dried figs in Iran as a completely healthy and organic product can be presented to the international market
Of course, in this regard, the Agricultural Association of Fars Province is following the international registration of the Estehban fig by the World Food Organization (FAO) and this case is in the final stages
Figs are naturally high in dietary fiber and loaded with vitamins and minerals, making them one of the most effective foods for improving the nutrient density of your diet and helping you manage your weight
Dried figs have many benefits, from healthy skin and hair to preventing cancer and treating incurable diseases
Although this sweet and delicious fruit is useful in the treatment of any disease, its use should not be excessive
Excessive consumption of dried figs is dangerous, as is excessive consumption of any other food
High-fiber foods promote satiety and can reduce hunger and cravings, while essential nutrients improve blood circulation
Some nutritionists exclude figs from the food menu because they contain a lot of calories, when we need all these vitamins and nutrients throughout the day, and figs are one of the sources of these vitamins
Therefore, choose a nutritionist who uses all the vitamins and nutrients beneficial to the body in his diet
So as soon as you click on Arad visit main site or click on Arad online diet and get your diet

 10 dried figs calories for the bulk seller in the global market

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