Buy dried figs organic + great price

Buy dried figs organic + great price

There are 498 calories in 200 grams of Dried Fig
Calorie breakdown: 3 percent fat, 92 percent carbs, 5 percent protein

Dried figs organic

Figs have long been used as a home remedy or an alternative treatment for digestive problems like constipation

They contain fiber, which may help promote digestive health by softening and adding bulk to stools, decreasing constipation, and serving as a prebiotic or food source for the healthy bacteria populating your gut

In animal studies, fig fruit extract or paste helped speed the movement of food through the digestive tract, reducing constipation and improving the symptoms of digestive disorders like ulcerative colitis

They are also rich in vitamin K, so if you are prescribed blood-thinning medication you should keep your intake of figs, as well as other vitamin K-rich foods, consistent from day to day

Not all people feel comfortable eating figs
For example, vegans may avoid eating figs because some varieties are pollinated by wasps which die during the pollination process

Commercial figs are grown without wasp pollination and should, therefore, be acceptable If figs are new to you, enjoy them in moderation because large amounts may have a laxative effect

 Buy dried figs organic + great price

Dried figs organic specification

Delicious, sweet fig fruit is one of the popular fruits enjoyed since ancient times
Fig is rich in natural health benefiting phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins

The entirely developed and ripe fig features a bell or pear shape with succulent, juicy flesh inside
Dried figs, indeed, are a highly concentrated source of minerals and vitamins

The fig tree is native to temperate regions of Asia Minor or Turkey, and today, grown as an important fruit of commerce in the eastern Mediterranean climates, US, and Spain
It is also cultivated as a fruit tree in the home gardens in many other regions as well

During each season, fig produces several hundred pear-shaped fruits twice a year, which varies in size, and color depending on the variety
Interiorly, fig fruit features numerous tiny club-shaped ovaries extending towards the central hollow cavity

In their natural habitat, “caprifigs” are pollinated by tiny “gall wasp” (Blastophaga psenes) insect that enters flower clusters through a small opening at the apex

Several cultivars of figs exist; some of the traditional varieties commonly grown in the USA are Brown Turkey, Canada, Kadota, and Black mission

However, since the wasp does not exist in North America, most of these fruits develop by parthenogenesis (without pollination) and therefore, do not possess “true” seeds

 Buy dried figs organic + great price

Dried figs organic great price

Dried figs have different prices according to the type of packaging and the quality of the product itself
According to the producing country, this product has different qualities, such as export, premium or normal, and this quality depends on the size of the fig itself

 Buy dried figs organic + great price

Dried figs organic purchase tips

To buy dried figs, you should pay attention to the amount you need as well as the quality you want and buy a product that suits your needs

Using the best machines, our company dries and packs the best type of figs with the highest quality
Exporting dried figs is one of many products that we export to most parts of the world
You can contact our consultants for more information or to buy the product

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