Buy New online dried figs + great price

Buy New online dried figs + great price

There are many ways to buy dried figs online, the best place to purchase dried figs is where you can get them at a reasonable price and of great quality
The fig has many names: fig, fig, smirna or wine berry, bodhi
It belongs to the most ancient cultures that were cultivated by man
Fig fruits are used for healing various diseases, for general strengthening of the body and maintaining immunity, for culinary and cosmetic purposes
The oldest find of petrified fruits was found in the Jordan Valley
Thanks to absolute periodization, their age is determined – at least 11 thousand years
Judging by the multiple data recorded in historical sources, the exceptional properties of figs have been known and used since ancient times
In our time, it has not lost its healing and nutritional qualities, nor its popularity
Fig fruits, depending on the variety, are yellow, black-blue and black
They are extremely tasty and saturated with a mass of useful substances

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

The calorie content of fresh figs is not too high, despite the fact that it has a very sweet taste
Fresh berries contain 49–57 kcal per 100 g
Due to dehydration, the volume of dried berries decreases and the concentration of sugars increases
Its calorie content becomes 244–257 kcal per 100 g
The fruits of the wine berry are consumed fresh and dried
At the same time, all the benefits of fresh berries are preserved and even enhanced in dried fruits due to an increase in the concentration of substances as the amount of water decreases
They contribute:

fast recovery after diseases;
improvement of digestive processes;
stimulation of the cardiovascular system;
correct functioning of the liver;
expectoration when coughing;
cure of tonsillitis;

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

bowel cleansing;
removal of toxic substances from the body

It is used in the treatment of fungal diseases

Those who regularly eat figs strengthen their bones
This is especially important for the elderly

Fresh figs should be carefully introduced into the diet of pregnant and lactating women: its benefits are undeniable, but harm to the body is also likely
A pregnant woman may gain weight at an accelerated rate, or her blood sugar levels will rise
It can provoke colic in an infant by being transmitted through mother’s milk

It also has a beneficial effect on the skin

Due to its iron content, fig juice is used in the treatment of anemia

Magnesium and potassium in the composition of the product supply muscle tissue with building material and help improve the functioning of the heart muscle, it is useful for tachycardia

Wine berry has the valuable quality of blood thinning, which helps lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and thrombosis

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

Dried figs with a reasonable price

Dried figs are one of the healthiest foods, considering their reasonable price they are worth being in your daily life male
It contains a rich set of vitamins and minerals
Useful substances in dried figs help stabilize blood pressure, strengthen immunity and reduce the risk of cancer
The main feature of this product is the ability to gently cleanse the intestines by improving movement
Natural dried figs are not hard, with a pleasant and elastic skin
No damage or cracks
Moist fig apples are not dense
The delicacy is quite sweet
The skin is easily bitten or cut with a knife
The seeds are densely packed inside, when cracked, they are easily crushed
Dried fig pulp is great as a filling for homemade pastries, cookies, cakes
You can use figs as a separate dessert, 3-4 berries will successfully satisfy your hunger or complement your morning coffee
In the treatment, fresh fruits, juice, decoctions and infusions from them are used
Infusions give anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, have a regulatory effect on metabolism
Milk-fig infusions are very popular

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

Despite the fact that all useful substances remain in the dried fruits, their properties differ to some extent
By reducing the amount of water, the level of sugars in them increases to 70%
At the same time, the level of vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements and other substances remains the same
Since it is dried figs that are available to most people, it makes sense to consider what are the benefits of it and whether there is harm to the body
Despite minimal contraindications, people who do not have them should not eat figs in large quantities
A sufficient daily rate for a healthy body is 2-4 pieces
Figs have undeniable benefits and take their rightful place among the healing products
It is not only useful, but also very tasty both on its own and in combination with other products: its presence adds exotic notes to dishes

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

Despite the nutritional and healing value, before adding this miracle berry to the diet, contraindications and individual intolerance should be excluded
These are a few things dried figs could help you with:

improves intestinal peristalsis;
the body removes waste and toxins;
improves bowel function;
connective tissue and cartilage grow together better thanks to the pectins contained in the fruits;
antioxidants help cleanse the blood of cholesterol plaques, clean small blood vessels and give them elasticity;
iron, potassium and magnesium have a positive effect on the cardiovascular and circulatory systems of the body, normalize blood pressure, rhythm and heart rate

boiled with milk, it is widely used as an expectorant, diaphoretic and antipyretic;
B vitamins have a positive effect on the nervous system: they improve mood, normalize nervous activity, increase efficiency

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

Online dried figs price

The easiest and cheapest way to purchase dried figs is using online shopes
Maybe by passing through the domestic markets and also the stores that supply all kinds of figs, you will come across different qualities of this product
Considering the countless variety of figs in our country; It can be said that this product has different prices
In the following, we will examine the factors affecting the increase in the price of dried figs
One of the reasons that may affect the increase in the price of figs; The breed of figs and its quality
Depending on the breed of figs and its quality level, different prices were considered for it
According to the different cultivars that exist during harvesting in our country, it can be said that this product is packed with different grades during the picking and drying process
For example, grade A figs have a higher price
This product, which is known as smiling figs among people and different markets, is considered one of the famous and exported figs, and this sample, due to its packaging and quality, can; affect the increase in the price of figs
In the process of producing dried figs, the method of drying figs can affect the final quality of the product
The more artificial drying agents are not used and the figs are dried naturally, the more properties they have and the more fans they have

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

Another factor that can affect the price increase of this popular product; It is the type of packaging, which manufacturers in different markets try to attract applicants with new packaging methods; Attract them to such products and enjoy good sales
Parameters affecting the quality of dried figs
Determining the effective parameters to reduce the quality of specialized dried figs is done according to certain principles and rules, which can have a significant impact on the sales of producers
These parameters can oblige the producers to produce and sell their products according to the standard parameters
The first effective parameter regarding the quality reduction of dried figs is the weather conditions in recent years
This issue strongly affects the yield of fig trees as well as the quality of the final product
This causes the dried figs to not be of good quality
The second most effective parameter in reducing the quality of dried figs is the way of drying this product
Today, by using standard and up-to-date methods, the waste of this product can be avoided
If the drying method is not done correctly, it can lead to low product quality

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

One of the reasons for reducing the quality of dried figs is not using advanced sorting devices for separating small and large figs, as well as devices that dry them quickly and cause a lack of quality in the final product
Not using high-quality and correct packaging can cause product quality, drying and hardening
If the packaging is done correctly, dried figs can be stored for a long time in this type of packaging
Today, to choose a special quality product, it is necessary to have the necessary information to choose the best quality product available in the market
The lack of quality of the produced product causes the number of applicants to decrease day by day
What is the use of dried figs, bearing its glory from time immemorial, for women?

Those who want to lose weight can use the method in which one “fig” day is arranged weekly
In fact, in addition to 100 g of dried fruits, it is supposed to consume a kilogram of raw fruits, a pound of raw vegetables and 2 liters of fat-free kefir on this day

From the practice of oriental medicine, recommendations are taken to relieve menstrual pain by eating a few figs

Fresh figs, unprocessed and healthy, can only be eaten where they grow, because they have an extremely short shelf life – just a few hours after being removed from the tree

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

Buy great dried figs online

Among all the dried friuts dried figs are considered to have the greatest source of energy
all Dried fruits are more affordable, you can buy them at any time of the year from our online shop
Choose brown, beige or gray berries, depending on the variety
Tips for choosing dried figs:

Fruit should have a matte finish regardless of the color dictated by the variety
Brilliant beautiful berries are treated with sulfur dioxide

Untreated berries do not differ in special meatiness either

A quality product is slightly flattened

Sometimes the surface is covered with a white coating, which is crystallized glucose
This product is sweet

A dry, rough texture combined with a sour or salty taste indicates that the product is out of date

Even if you are sure of the quality of the purchased product, it is better to soak it in water an hour before use to dissolve possible harmful compounds

fresh fruits

If you are lucky enough to be in the late summer in the region where this amazing berry grows, and you managed to get it for consumption, it is better to eat it as soon as possible

If storage is needed, use a refrigerator
The temperature should be around 1°C
The maximum shelf life is several days, depending on the original state of the product

Left at room temperature, figs will ferment the same day

 Buy New online dried figs + great price

You can also freeze it
This will help preserve the valuable properties of the product
Such raw materials should be stored at a temperature of -15 ° C

DriedNot everyone knows how to store dried figs
In a dry, cool, dark place, it is stored for several months: the longer, the drier the air and the lower the temperature
If the conditions are not met, the product becomes damp, harmful insects start up in it
The container must be tightly sealed
Sun exposure is excluded
Before use, it is advisable to soak dried figs for an hour in warm water, which will dissolve the chemicals
Boiling water can destroy some of the useful substances of the product
This exotic product will bring its notes to any dish:

in fresh or dried form they are replaced by sweets and chocolates;
dried fruits are added to compotes, used in fillings for cakes and other products;
unripe berries cannot be eaten raw, but they become very tasty, chopped and baked with nuts and honey;
ripe fruits, sliced ​​and seasoned with whipped cream or sour cream – an exquisite and nutritious dessert;
fig berries served with soft cheeses are an excellent appetizer for white wine or champagne;
add the product to meat dishes, poultry dishes, salads, snacks;
Of course, this fruit is harvested in traditional ways: jam, marmalade, marshmallow, canned compotes;
They even make wine from figs

Fig jam retains almost all the useful properties of the product and is used as a dessert, medicine and drug rehabilitating after illness
In addition to figs, momordica, blueberries, plums, ginger, apricots, dogwoods are also used for culinary purposes

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