Dried Figs Price in Australia

Dried Figs Price in Australia

Organic dried fig price in Australia is determined by a variety of factors, the most important of which are the type of figs used and how they are dried

Dried Figs in Australia

One of the famous and well-known dried fruit products in the international food trade and high demand are Iranian dried fig fruit of export quality

Some nations use this product in their pharmaceutical industry because they recognize it as a medicinal substance

Iran is one of the nations that grow figs, which are purchased all over the world

Iran’s dried fig production is concentrated in Estahban

The size and the openness of dried figs do not affect the quality and health of the fruit; This makes the fruit look more beautiful

Fars province and Shiraz, Estahban, Neyriz, and Jahrom are the main Iranian dried figs supplier

 Dried Figs Price in Australia

Dried Figs in Australia Features

There are different types of dried fig fruit

Dried fig grade AAA contains seeds with a light color, relatively large size and the dried fig seeds in this type are entirely open and without small and dark-colored seeds



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Grade AA dried figs contain light-colored seeds and an average coarse size of 22 mm

This dried fig seed has a full 90% open mouth and top 4% dark-colored seeds

Grade A dried figs contain light-colored seeds and size between 14 and 22 mm

This dried fig seed has at least 25% open mouth and the top 15% dark-colored seeds

Grade B dried figs contain brown and gray seeds with an average size of 14 mm

 Dried Figs Price in Australia

Buy Dried Figs in Australia

When buying dried fig fruit, pay attention to these tips: If dried figs smell sour, the sugar has fermented, and the fruit has spoiled

If the tail of the fruit is elongated and veined, and the inside is also partially drained, the fruit on the tree is infected and has lost its quality

If the fruit’s skin has become stale, it may have been improperly stored, or it may have been in storage for a long time and therefore aged

For sale, dried figs are sorted by color and size

The whiter and bigger it is, the more expensive it is

 Dried Figs Price in Australia

Dried Figs Price in Australia + Buy and Sell

The type of dried fig fruit exported is also determined by the importing country, as there is a demand for lower quality figs and higher quality and colorful figs with the use of nuts

Dried fig fruit price depends on their grade and openness

Dried figs that are open called smiling or blooming

Most of Estahban’s dried fig exports are of A and AA quality to other buying countries, primarily European countries

The daily price of Estahban’s dried figs exported in the Iranian market has fluctuated greatly based on buyer demand

The price of the dried figs varies from around 2 to 7 $ based on the quality

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 Dried Figs Price in Australia

The Answer to Two Questions About Dried Figs

1: Should you soak dried figs before eating?
Dried fig fruit is so helpful when you have constipation especially when you soak them

2: Is fig Good for fatty liver?
Dried fig lowers the enzymes of liver that are high in people with liver disorder

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