Dry Fig Fruit 1kg Price

Dry Fig Fruit 1kg Price

Dried Figs Are a Very Concentrated Source of Minerals and Vitamins and a Rich Source of Fiber, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamins C, B, and A

Dry Fig Fruit 1kg

The fig, also known as the Iranian dried fig, is one of the oldest plants that has been grown for food

It has been a very important plant in all religions and cultures, and you could even say that figs have seen the rise and fall of many cultures

Figs were used instead of sugar in many sweets and desserts in the past, and they are still used in many cakes and desserts today

Figs are full of potassium, iron, fiber, and calcium, and they are sometimes used as laxatives or to make you pee more often

 Dry Fig Fruit 1kg Price

Dry Fig Fruit 1kg Features

Around the world, there are more than 750 different kinds of fig trees and we want to see their features

There are many different kinds of figs, but only a few of them meet most of the demand for fig fruits in the food industry around the world

There are clear differences between the types of figs in the color of the exocarp (the outer skin), the color of the flesh, how they look, and how big they are

Figs can be anything from white to black
Also, the flesh can be honey-colored or plum-purple
Figs range from the size of a very small pear to that of a large pear

Even though different species of figs look and feel different, they all taste and smell almost exactly the same
In fact, the only difference is how sweet they are

 Dry Fig Fruit 1kg Price

Buy Dry Fig Fruit 1kg

We make dried figs into 1kg packaging by taking the best kinds of figs grown in Estahban, Fars Province, Iran, and drying them in the sun without adding anything to them

Estahban fig trees grow in the wild and don’t need pesticides to grow or make fruit

You can buy these amazing dry figs!
Our figs are a great snack because they have a lot of fiber

It’s great that they come in a one-kilo bag to make them easy to carry around

 Dry Fig Fruit 1kg Price

Dry Fig Fruit 1kg Price + Buy and Sell

If you want to buy dry figs, you can easily get in touch with us or fill out the purchase form to place your order

Our consultants will talk to you as soon as they can to sell, and the product you order will be sent to you

Taking 1kg sample is possible when you shop here, where prices are low and delivery is quick

You can buy wholesale dried figs here and make them a regular part of your snacking routine

We have a wide range of dried figs for our customers, including some from well-known brands

If you live in a place where it’s hard to get fresh fruits, you can still get the same benefits from dried fruits

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