Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season

Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season

The fresh fig season in India has officially begun, and by all indications, it’s going to be a fruitful one
The figs have been getting the right amount of water to support their growth thanks to the favorable weather conditions
The pandemic that occurred in the previous year resulted in the season being cut short, thus it is reasonable to expect that this year will be more successful overall
Since we are a business that ships both fresh and dried food to India, we have spent the past seven years cultivating various types of organic dried figs , testing out new varieties of figs, and shipping fresh figs to India
The vast majority of these items are shipped to various locations in Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, and the Middle East

 Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season

In the course of the past three years, Sam Agri has developed a specialization in the international trade of fresh figs
They are the only enterprise that routinely ships figs from India to more than one market outside of the country
We have done rather well for ourselves even though fresh figs are a specialized product thanks to the fact that we collaborate with knowledgeable growers in Iran
In the southern region of India, where we have over 150 acres of GAP-certified land, we cultivate figs
We begin the process of exporting the fruit grown on our farm in January and continue until June
Growing techniques and practices have been established with the assistance of knowledgeable farmers from Iran and a significant amount of testing to satisfy the stringent residue level regulations of the European market
The Indian season and the Mediterranean season complement one another quite well, which helps to ensure that clients may always receive what they want

 Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season


Fig price 1kg

Even though you can’t get fresh figs all year long, you can always get the health benefits of dried figs
How many calories are in 1 kilogram (1 pound) of dried figs? You should eat dried figs because they are good for you in many ways
In this article, five reasons are given for why you should eat this product

Dried figs help with digestion because they have a lot of fiber
Figs are a natural laxative that helps prevent constipation and other digestive problems
Weight Loss: One of the most important things about dried figs is that they are low in calories
So, if you want to lose a few pounds, this is a good snack to eat

Blood pressure: When you eat salt, your body’s sodium level goes up
This throws off the balance of sodium and potassium in the body, which makes the blood pressure go up
Dried figs are a great way to restore this balance and keep high blood pressure from happening
There are 129 mg of potassium and 2 mg of sodium in one dried fig

Antioxidants: Dried figs are a sweet and tasty fruit that is also high in antioxidants
This product has even more antioxidants than natural figs

One study found that the phenol antioxidants in dried figs are better than those in other fruits, which get their antioxidant properties from vitamin C and vitamin E

Heart disease: The antioxidants in dried figs kill the free radicals that can damage blood vessels and lead to heart disease
Also, some studies have found that dried figs lower triglyceride levels and have a big effect on heart disease

 Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season


Fig in India price

In India, dried figs are referred to as anger, and they are not only tasty but also beneficial to the health of the entire body
Because they are aware of the numerous health benefits offered by this superfood, Indians have been consuming it for a significant amount of time
If you are interested in purchasing anjeer online, you have found the appropriate location
But before we get into it, let’s first discuss the nature of the dried fig
Figs belong to the same family as mulberries and are produced on trees belonging to the ficus genus
These figs turn into an angry state after they are dried out, a state that is sometimes referred to as “dry fig
” Dried figs are often farmed in Kashmir, Afghanistan, the United States of America, Iran, Spain, Greece, and Turkey
Turkey is another prominent location
It is generally agreed that the Kashmiri and Kabuli kinds of german dried figs are superior to all others
However, Afghanistan produces a much greater variety and quantity of crops than Kashmir

 Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season

It is important to look around before purchasing anjeer because the price of this ingredient might change depending on where you buy it
Dry figs, also known as anjeer (a word that is occasionally used to refer to them), may be acquired from a vast variety of different sellers at prices that are quite reasonable
On the other hand, you should never think that an ajeer that you get for a cheap price would be helpful for your health because that is not the case
On the contrary, if you care about your health, you should restrict your diet to only include items that are of the best quality possible
Everywhere you go, the price of an excellent anjeer can be found to have some wiggle area for improvement
If you buy your sundried figs over the internet, you can be certain that they are of the best possible quality before they ever arrive at your doorstep

 Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season

Indian fig benefits

Dry figs are simple to eat
1-2 every day is plenty
Soak anjeer in milk or water overnight and eat it the next morning
This is the finest way to enjoy online-bought figs
You may consume anjeer in numerous ways after buying it online
Add it to cereal in little bits
Dry figs can be used in recipes or eaten alone to satisfy a sweet appetite

Figs are indicated to nourish and tone the intestines due to their high fiber content
Their prebiotic fiber feeds gut bacteria and promotes a healthy gut environment, improving digestive health

Figs, especially ripe ones, are high in polyphenol antioxidants
These antioxidant molecules assist prevent oxygen from interacting with other chemicals and damaging cells and tissues, therefore regulating oxidation

Many of us eat too much-processed food sodium (salt)
High salt consumption can contribute to potassium shortages and high blood pressure (hypertension)
Fruits and vegetables, particularly fresh turkish dried figs , improve potassium levels and help regulate blood pressure
Fig extract reduces blood pressure in both normal and hypertensive rats, according to research

Figs provide bone-healthy elements including calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus
Figs have 3
2 times more calcium than other fruits, according to research
Potassium may help prevent calcium loss from a high-salt diet
This keeps calcium in bones and may reduce osteoporosis risk

May enhance diet quality and aid weight management: Naturally strong in dietary fiber and vitamins and minerals, figs may increase the nutritional density of your diet and aid weight management
High-fiber diets lower appetite and cravings while important nutrients control blood

 Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season

Best figs in India

The best fig in India is a magical fruit that keeps your digestive system in good shape
Dried figs are full of calcium and can also ease the feeling of being constipated
The best fig in India is good for your health in many ways
Figs, which are also called Anjeer, are the fruit of the ficus tree, which is in the same family as the mulberry
Fresh figs are soft in the middle and have crunchy seeds around them
Because of how it feels, it’s a great fruit to eat just as it is
The best fig in India is like a dry fruit when the seeds get crunchier and the flesh dries out
Fresh figs are seasonal and go bad quickly
All year long, you can buy dried Anjeer
They are often part of a healthy diet because they are a natural alternative to table sugar
Figs can be bought at the market both fresh and dried

 Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season

Fresh figs are only available for a short time each year, from July to September
You can get dried figs at any time of the year
You can eat them raw or cook them
You can make a milkshake or smoothie out of figs to enjoy them
Use figs and nuts to make a healthy bar
Or, add some chopped figs to your breakfast oats and enjoy the power
They can also be used as a natural sweetener in things like cakes, pudding, jams, barfis, and so on
Fresh figs don’t last long, so you should eat them within a few days of buying them
You can keep golden dried figs in the fridge for a month, or you can leave them out at room temperature for a long time
But now there are a lot of brands that harvest figs, so it can be hard to choose the right one
Don’t be worried! We’ve done all the hard work and gathered all the information you need to know before you buy the best fig
We also made a list of the best figs in India and included it in this article

 Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season

Fig varieties in India

Anjeer is a fruit that can be eaten both fresh and dried
It is full of nutrients and has no fat or cholesterol
Here are the best Fig trees varieties you can grow in India if you want a lot of them

Figuratively: In India, the most common kind of fig is the common fig
When the leaves or stems of the tree are broken, a milky sap comes out

Black Mission: This self-pollinating fig tree can handle drought and grows sweet black-skinned figs with red flesh in the summer

White Adriatic: This type of tree grows figs with a red to deep purple inside and green skin that turns amber-colored in the summer
It is also known as candy-striped figs because the skin of the fruit has bands that range from pale green to white

Kalamon: This type comes from the Greek region of Kalamon
The figs are firm, about the size of a thumb, and taste very sweet
It’s ready to eat from the middle of summer to the end of fall

Kadota: This type of tree is very hardy and can grow in a wide range of conditions
Its fruit has a green-yellow skin and can be canned, made into jelly, or eaten raw

 Figs India | Buying Types of Figs India in Different season

Buy fresh figs online in India

You may get up-to-date information on the cost of dry figs and homemade fig bars on trustworthy Iranian websites
Be aware, however, that the price of this item may change at any time because of the way the market is behaving
A good example of a nut or snack food that can be beneficial in the treatment of a variety of ailments is organic dried figs
Naturally, the purpose of this essay has been to introduce you to dried figs and familiarize you with their qualities before you make a purchase
In addition to this, an effort has been made to clearly describe the aspects that determine the pricing of the product that is under discussion
Additionally, the most recent figures can be acquired from systems located on the internet
Where can I get my hands on the most recent fig figs? The cost of dried figs can range widely depending on several circumstances; nevertheless, you should be aware that the cost of this item can be obtained from trustworthy online retailers
The following are some of the elements that influence the price of dried figs:

The fluctuation of the dollar and other curcurrencieschange rates
Different kinds of supplies and packaging
Package size and volume
The type of dried fig and the degree of its quality
Instructions on how to purchase and sell the product

Simply get in touch with the sales representatives of the sites that have been linked to obtaining the most recent information on the price of dried figs sold in online stores located all around the country

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