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Organic Turkish dried figs are mainly being exported to other countries in bulk at a wholesale price. These figs have always been delicious and popular fruit but due to their high prices, people are willing to buy the Iranian dried figs which have better quality and lower price. Iranian figs are usually sold in the summer when this product is harvested. In Iran, figs can be dried and powdered which makes them long-lasting so to be consumed in the winter. In Iran, fresh figs are available all year round due to the growth and cold resistance of the fig tree. Hopefully, the sale of Iranian figs has always been successful and active. Bulk dried fruits wholesale Iranian figs are very good this is because agricultural engineers do not tamper with their heredity. Because of the shortage of organic produce today, sales of high-purity Iranian figs are booming. We do our best to become fully acquainted with the Iranian fig and its distributions all over the world. Yellow figs are the most popular figs in Iran this is due to their amazing flavor and shape, this product bears fast fruit. The main reason for its popularity among gardeners and farmers is early and high yields. Iranian’s Yellow Park is the largest fig exporter in neighboring countries. Although the city of Estahban in the Persian province is also a center for the production of yellow figs.

Bulk dried fruits wholesale

Iran is known as a great dried fruits wholesaler; it ranks second in the world in terms of figs production. The cultivation of the fig tree is very common, especially in the Esteban region. Fresh figs, eaten at the table, are also used in desserts and cakes. Figs, which are also used in making jams, are among the fruits that are eaten with interest. One of the best varieties of dried figs is the yellow fig, which has the highest volume in our country. Yellow figs are fresh and tasty fruit with very thin skin. This fig model is the best choice for drying and final export. Turkish dried figs nutrition Inmost the figs available on the market, which are considered to be dried for export, are of this species. Be careful not to split the figs when they are fully ripe. This question refers to the quality of the figs and based on that, you can assess the quality of this product. Yellow figs are one of the best figs that we recommend drying because they are very transparent and taste good. The quality of these dried figs depends on the amount of fat and neutrinos present in them.

Turkish dried figs nutrition

Dried figs are known to be a great source of nutrition, since dried figs are low in fiber, they are good for constipation as they help the digestive system to function properly. Consumption of dried figs, especially in the morning on an empty stomach with warm water, gives a pleasant feeling during the day and prevents overeating. Due to the natural drying of our figs, especially in the Estahban region, we have selected and packaged the dried figs. Dried figs also differ in their natural and nutritional value, which also contributes to their health benefits.

Bulk organic figs

Bulk organic fruits are usually offered to the market in 2 ways, dried and fresh. The organic dried figs are completely natural and hold the international ecological system eco-certificate. This product has a unique taste and texture, and just like dry products on the market, it is sweet and delicious. Dried figs are thoroughly cleaned, free of dirt and stones, and can be eaten safely. This product is used to treat constipation. Bulk organic figs Dried figs are anti-cancer and because they are high in antioxidants, they have a very good function against various types of cancer and heart disease. Dried figs, like dried berries, are rich in fiber and therefore, have laxative effects and are very effective in relieving constipation. This product is also the enemy of anxiety and anger and contains iron and anemia medications.

Fresh Turkish figs

Figs that have been eaten since the earliest period of human history are of their widely used today because of health and taste. Dried figs have the opportunity to be used at all times of the year in a dry place. In particular, dried figs have many health benefits. The first place, where the fig tree appeared, was part of South Asia. However, the history of fig trees has changed, and the territories of Greece in both Anatolia and the Aegean have been successful in this regard. The country now has an opinion on the production of figs. For those who love figs, the most interesting question is where do the figs grow? As mentioned, the Estahban region has a privileged status in fig production. This is because the weather conditions and the average annual rainfall are suitable for growing figs. Figs can be easily grown in hot summers and tropical winters. Fresh Turkish figs If you need to answer the question of where to grow figs by province, Fars could be the fig center in Iran. Bakhtiyar came after Estahban. The figs from these two cities make up about 70% of Iran’s total production. Apart from Estahban and Bakhtiyar, fig production is common in all provinces of the Fars region. About 80 to 85 percent of Iranian fig production grows locally. The rest grow up in other places such as the Mediterranean. The quality of the figs grown in the Fars is very high. Therefore, it made us interested to export Estahban dried figs. However, because figs are not particularly durable, they are dried for export. Turkey and then Iran are the two largest producers and exporters of dried figs in the world.

Dried Turkish figs recipe

Turkish dried figs can be used for making many other edibles or can be taken raw. At the same time desserts, salads, and meat dishes with dried fruits will taste worthy of an appetizer. Moreover, you can choose this gift option for your loved ones, which makes the day brighter with its natural charm. For normal consumption you can use proper techniques such as sun drying, to dry fresh figs. After dryness, the dried product is hydrated to maintain a solid product, and its nutritional value, active ingredient content, and vitamin and protein content of natural dried figs significantly increase to its natural state. In terms of nutritional value, there are many differences between the use of fresh and dried figs, but if we compare their benefits, we can conclude that natural fresh figs are useful in the same respect, and dried figs have the same benefits except in a few exceptional cases.

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