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Middle East countries are considered as one of the biggest wholesalers and suppliers of soft dried figs to the countries such as the UK.

This is due to the good climate of countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, which are known to supply the greatest dried figs in the world. Exporting this item can have a huge amount of profit for producers as well as distributors.

European countries are known to have the greatest dried fruits and nuts market in the world.

over 40% of global import value dedicates to European countries.

Nowadays this product is introduced as one of the essential snacks in people’s daily life consumption, this leads to an increased import value of dried fruits and nuts in European countries. Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruits The view of a point on dried fruits had always been a positive sight all over the world, especially in Europe.

From 2012 import value of dried fruits had risen over 10 percent and in 2016 it reached a huge amount of import value in the global market, at the same time 5% increase in Europe’s market. Dried fruits and nuts are known to be two different types of products.

Many trading companies step into these international industries due to the many advantages this market has.

One of the factors that make traders invest in this field is the durability of this product compared to fresh fruits and vegetables, pulse they have better preserving conditions.

Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruits

The high export value of wholesaling nuts and dried fruits, to countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Britannia made good opportunities for importer countries.

While England is the biggest nuts importer, Germany has the greatest import value of dried fruits in the global market.

Along with these great markets, there are many companies dealing with over 100 sorts of dried fruits and nuts which made them achieve an enormous profit share in this industry.

Various kinds of these imported dried fruits and nuts in Europe are mainly delivered in bulk and offered to distributors at a wholesale price.

In Europe’s market the packaging is set in a very professional way, that makes these products long-lasting and more durable, countries such as Netherland, that is considered to be the world largest Re exporter of dried fruits. This item is being imported to Europe in a completely legal way, mainly delivered to the destination ports in bulks, then distributes to local industries at a wholesale price.

After these procedures, sorting and packaging will be done by the special machines and offered to consumers.

Buy Dried Fruits and Nuts Online

Buying dried fruits from the main industries make the buyer have a lower price, this also makes them have a safe purchase as they are dealing with the right person.

From different types of dried fruits, today we are going to explain the different types and sorts of dried figs in online shops.

Dried figs have pretty much different species.

They also can be divided into their different size and grads.

This makes a big difference in each sort of dried fig. Buy Dried Fruits and Nuts Online The production number of dried fruits and nuts is increasing annually.

This can be checked by the consumers on many platforms on the internet, who are considered as main suppliers.

The high desire for dried fruits and nuts made many investors step into this industry in order to achieve a huge amount of profit, usually, these investors are being a fraud by brokers or fake suppliers.

The first step for you as a buyer is to analyze and visit the main supply industry, it is very much better to visit physically.

You can find this company by asking older distributors to guide you or by browsing the internet to get your best purchase, for example, you are just visiting our company’s website, reading our articles about dried fruits and nuts wholesalers.

Bulk Buy Figs

According to the different grades of dried figs mentioned before, it is obvious to say that the smaller the size, the lower the price. Generally, for bulk buyers, it’s necessary to clarify which sort of dried figs, they are going to purchase? whether the needed item is for general consumption or other producing other materials such as jams, face scrubs, etc.

All these are the factors that both buyer and seller must be careful about, in order to get their suitable product.

Totally there are 5 different types of dried figs in the global and local market for bulk buyers and distributors. Considering the different sort and packaging of dried figs, there are variable prices set for each of item.

Size AAA 101: This grad of fig is the most expensive type, which is about 24 mm in size, considering the biggest size, it has a light white and yellow color, blossoms are fully flourished Bulk Buy Figs Size AA 101: This grad of fig is known to be as similar as AAA 101, the only difference is the size which is about 22 mm in size, and blossoms are 90% flourished.

Size A 101: This also has the same appearance and color and both grads above the only difference is the size which is estimated to be around 14to20 mm in size and blossoms are about 25% flourished.

Size AA: This type has a medium size, it estimates to be 20mm and blossoms are about 45% flourished.

Size A: This is considered to be the smallest size, its around 15to20 mm and has a dark green color, blossoms are about 25% flourished.

Wholesale Figs

Dried figs consider being known as one of the most delicious dried fruits among all other items.

Due to high the nutrition present in this product, it considers having the highest demand among all the dried fruits.

The most amazing part is the natural sugar present in the dried figs, which helps the immune system.

The are many aspects that change the wholesale price of dried figs that we have mentioned before in this topic.

Due to the different packaging and size, dried figs consider having different wholesale rates. Wholesale Figs This helps you to know more about the technical information and the rates in the market, it also helps to have a safe purchase with a reasonable price.

To have a better understanding of our commercial group and services, you can contact our sales department and ask our sales executives to guide you and offer you our best services.

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