Dried Pitted Figs Producers

Market for production and sale of dried pitted figs is one of the influential agricultural markets It is an export to Iran, which is a subset of the export of goods and has a significant share in Iran’s foreign exchange earnings from domestic and foreign sales of this product. The exclusivity of this product has caused a global demand for the bulk purchase of this product and many companies are active in selling this type of fig inside the country or sending it to other countries. Producers package dried figs in bulk and according to the type of packaging, the sales amount varies, and the higher the quality of the packaging, the higher the sales of dried figs.

Dried Pitted Figs Producers

Anti-inflammation in Dried Pitted Figs

Anti-inflammation in Dried Pitted Figs Among the benefits and properties of dried figs is increasing the physical strength of this fruit. According to dried figs, which are consumed with blood problems in the body, eat ten dried figs a day. People who are physically weak. Eating dried figs is very nutritious. Other properties of dried figs that can be mentioned It is said that dried figs are fattening, laxative and reduce irritability. Dried figs are also useful for relieving chest pain and violence.Figs have anti-cancer properties. The fruit also eliminates toxins, and the combination of milk and figs can be used to treat respiratory ailments, throat, joints, osteoarthritis and internal ulcers of the mouth. Figs strengthen the digestive system and treat indigestion.

Eating Dried Pitted Figs as Snacks

Eating Dried Pitted Figs as Snacks Dried figs can be eaten in any form, but it is recommended to soak one or two of them in water overnight to eat it the next morning on an empty stomach. Soaking figs in water makes them more nutritious. Dried figs are high in fiber and help regulate bowel movements and health. There are several ways you can add dried figs to your diet. Apart from consuming and soaking them at night, the first thing you can taste the next morning is figs. You can also use them with other cooked foods such as cakes, cookies, cookies and tarts. Eat dried figs with other dried fruits, for example, use dried figs instead of raisins and substitute sour cherries for delicious cookies. Use them as healthy additions to your sweet porridge. Just make sure you limit the quantity. You can also add a handful of them to your yogurt to try a new and delicious taste.

You can make a delicious dessert using chocolate dipped figs by first keeping the figs in warm water for 5 minutes to soften them. Do not boil too much water. Then cut the heads of the figs and fill the inside of the figs with walnuts. Crush plain cocoa biscuits in the food processor separately like powder. Heat the cream until it reaches boiling point, then turn off the oven and add the chopped chocolate and stir until the chocolate melts, then add the chocolate sauce to the cocoa biscuits and stir. Cover the figs stuffed with walnuts with the round chocolate biscuit mixture. And roll in plain biscuits. Put it in the freezer for 20 minutes and then cut it in half or divide it into three parts.

Dried Pitted Figs Exportation

Dried Pitted Figs Exportation Iran is one of the largest producers of figs in the world and annually exports significant quantities of non-core dried figs to other countries. The price of exported figs depends on various factors such as closed mouth, color, quality, shipping cost, dollar price, harvest season, etc., so any of the above can cause a significant change in the price of exported figs. Therefore, the price of export figs can not be stated as a constant. Packaging is also one of the most important variables in the pricing of export figs, and if the figs are not properly packaged and beautiful, their prices will decrease.

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