Low Sugar Dried Figs Wholesale Price

Figs are one of the sacred fruits mentioned in the Holy Quran. It is not difficult to find healthy varieties of dried figs in domestic markets. On the other hand low sugar dried figs wholesale price it is much less than buying it in packaging and you can get the best sample for yourself at the good price. On the other hand, the wholesale price of healthy dried figs is much lower than buying it in packages.

Low Sugar Dried Figs Wholesale Price

Dried Figs Nutrition Facts

Dried Figs Nutrition Facts Sundried figs It is one of the fruits that has the lowest calories and people who want to lose weight can use it. But it should not be consumed excessively; Because it causes bloating and diarrhea. Figs also have a warm nature and high consumption can cause blood clots. But all the disadvantages of figs can be eliminated by consuming celery.

Figs are a unique fruit that is full of hundreds of tiny seeds and has an edible purple or green skin. The flesh of the fruit is pink and has a mild and sweet taste. They can help you digest healthy food, reduce your risk of heart disease, and help you control your blood sugar levels. One 40 gram fig contains the following nutritional value:

  • Calories: 30
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 8 g
  • Fiber: 1 gram
  • Copper: Provides 3% of the body’s daily needs
  • Magnesium: Provides 2%
  • Potassium: Provides 2%
  • Riboflavin: Provides 2% of the body’s daily needs
  • Thiamine: Provides 2% of the body’s daily needs
  • Copper is a vital mineral that is involved in several processes in the body, including metabolism and energy production, as well as the formation of blood cells, connective tissues, and neurotransmitters.
  • Figs have many potential benefits, including gastrointestinal and heart health, along with potentially helping to control blood sugar levels.

Figs are also effective in gastrointestinal health. Figs have long been used as a home remedy or alternative to digestive problems such as constipation. Because they contain fiber and are effective as a probiotic in relieving constipation.

How to Use Dried Figs: Snacks and Desserts

How to Use Dried Figs: Snacks and Desserts Dried figs are very many. In this regard, Iranian families who are looking for the health of family members always know this product in their diet and use it and its unique benefits. It is interesting to know how to use dried figs in It varies from person to person, and some people use this product as a dried fruit, while some families tend to use dried figs in various foods, desserts and sweets. This is how the use of dried figs is very different among consumers.

Low Sugar Dried Figs Trader

Low Sugar Dried Figs Trader Due to the great popularity of figs, it is possible to sell dried figs all over the country, and you can get the best samples of your figs anywhere in Iran. Dried figs price will be largely less; Because the intermediary has been removed from the transaction and you can get the best by paying the lowest price. In this regard, the general seller of dried figs helps you to buy figs in bulk.

The price of dried figs is affected by various factors and several factors affect the price of this valuable product, the most important of which is the place of production and the type of fig. Figs are available in various sizes and sizes. Large and tasty dried figs have better quality and of course higher price. Also, the method of drying figs also affects the price of this product, and other factors include the type of packaging, purchase method, Economic fluctuations in the market, brand and manufacturer.

Today dried figs dealers in the country, this product is offered to buyers in different ways. Purchase of dried figs directly and without intermediaries from the manufacturers by major buyers, including trading companies and stores. Dried fruits and nuts are done. As you know, in direct purchase and sale of products, the price is cheap and affordable, and today this type of purchase has many applicants in the country.

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