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Dried figs are one of the best-selling products in Iran, which has excellent taste and color. Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of premium figs in the world, which export to factories and other countries in factories with full observance of health tips, and the quality of their figs has led to the high sales of their products. These figs are sold in retail and wholesale at the most appropriate prices. Today, one of the most convenient ways to buy dried figs is through online orders from reputable sites and stores, which are delivered to customers in the shortest possible time.

What Are Dried Figs Good For?

What Are Dried Figs Good For? Dried figs for health very good. Figs are very useful for relieving constipation and should be consumed regularly. Interestingly, if you leave some dried figs to soak, the water itself has the properties of dried figs and can be consumed. The dried figs benefits are enormous.

  • Dried figs are useful for treating many diseases due to their many properties.
  • Dried figs are in the category of foods with a lot of sweetness.
  • This substance raises blood sugar to a great extent, and therefore the consumption of dried figs is very limited and low is recommended for diabetics. Remember that the best time to eat dried figs is at the beginning of the day so that the glucose in figs burns and does not accumulate in the body.
  • Dried figs contain many vitamins and minerals. For example, dried figs are rich in B vitamins, manganese, potassium, as well as iron, and phosphorus.
  • Eating this fruit with all these useful vitamins and minerals strengthens the body.
  • Other benefits of dried figs include calcium and fiber. The abundance of calcium and fiber in dried figs makes you have a strong defense system along with a well-functioning digestive system.
  • Dried figs contain very strong antioxidants that greatly strengthen the immune system.
  • Consumption of dried figs also prevents various cancers.
  • Figs reduce the risk of heart disease and also treat anemia.
  • Dried figs are rich in antioxidants that can slow down the aging process and eliminate free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Other properties of dried figs are very important including strengthening the immune system.


How to Recognize Best Dried Figs?

How to Recognize Best Dried Figs? Dried figs are products that are obtained by heating figs and removing their moisture. The quality level of these nutritious nuts is related to the percentage of fruit quality and the drying process (all steps must be done carefully and correctly, in a suitable place, and with clean and hygienic equipment).

Features of high quality dried, figs:

  1. The better the fig, the bigger it is
  2. Its color is light (you should know that those whose color is close to dark beige have the lowest quality level)
  3. Another thing to note is the lack of small pieces of sand, spiders, whistles, and debris in the heart of these grains.
  4. Also, figs should not be too soft because it is a sign of the poor quality of the product.
  5. If the tail of the fig is flat, and you have seen the effects of veins on it, the inside of the fruit was also somewhat empty, indicating that the fruit on the tree is infested and the quality of the fruit has been lost.
  6. Quality figs are produced by dryland cultivation and no chemical fertilizers are added during cultivation.

According to the tips described, it will be easy for you to prepare good dried figs.

Dried Figs with the Best Quality and Wholesale Price

Dried Figs with the Best Quality and Wholesale Price This product is produced in our country and in addition to the domestic market, it is also exported abroad. The final price for the buyer is determined by the quality level of the product and the number of intermediaries. If you are looking to buy cheap dried figs in bulk, you can buy it from our online store and experience a good purchase with us.

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