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Sun-dried figs are a very popular type of dried figs in Turkey, due to their high-profit margin many suppliers distribute this product to the global market. They are mainly being exported, due to their high quality. On one other hand, Iranian sun-dried figs are considered to be a competitor of Turkish types. Iranian species have great quality just like the Turkish ones. These types are much cheaper than Turkish sun-dried figs. The reason why Iranian species are cheaper is because of the natural procedures and mechanisms Iranian farmers use to cultivate their products. Drying figs is one of the most common methods in Iran. But to do this, you need to know the area well. here we will explain how to dry figs. Like many other fruits, fresh figs are rich in water. Turkish fig tree The water or nutrients in the fruit is very tonic, but the presence of water helps the growth of microorganisms which makes molds in figs. This ensures that the fruit rots over time if the conditions are right. Long-term food storage is possible in several ways. The best way to store fruit over time is to use a refrigerator, which is often not used. For example, fresh figs can no longer be stored in the refrigerator. Another way to store food over time is to dry it. This is done by extracting water from the fruit. It also removes water by evaporation. Dried figs are obtained in the same way. There are several ways to dry figs. The first and most widely used method is to dry the figs in the sun. Air and wind can be used to make dried figs. Heating figs is also a way to dry them. Due to different circumstances, the method of drying figs may vary in large production gardens, houses, and plants. The first thing to note is that it is better to dry the figs on a half-dried tree and throw them naturally from the tree to the ground. It is good to know that picking fresh figs for drying will reduce the quality of the final product. In the orchards that produce large quantities of figs, the method of drying figs in the sun is used. The other way can be done, when figs are left on the tree until they are half dry. At this point, after the fruits have fallen and accumulated under the tree, the fruit is left in a special place already made. These works are called “spangs” and have other names as well. For this, it should be noted that the figs should be applied as a layer on the sponge. Another important thing is to keep the sponge exposed to sunlight during the day. The time required to dry the figs on the sponge depends on the heat and air temperature, as well as the initial drying of the figs. Generally, we can say that you will need 3 to 5 days to dry the figs on the sponge. Remove the figs from the sponge even in the morning and in the sun. As the air warms, the fruit softens and becomes harder to care for. Collected figs can change color over time and lose their original quality if they are not adequately dried and carefully stored. Figs from turkey You can dry the figs at home, but you have to give them the right conditions and dry the figs either by the sun or by a stream. Note that it is common for the two technologies to collaborate. If there is enough space, you can put the figs in the net and leave them in the sun for a few days. To make matters worse, you can cover the figs with a good net. An important thing to remember is that you have to feed the figs until they dry out and fall off the base of the tree. The industry uses a special drying material to dry figs. Hot air is often used in drying processes. By creating food for the crystals, the air dryer dries to its original state.

Turkish fig tree

The Turkish fig tree is now grown on all continents for domestic consumption or as an export crop. The largest areas cultivated by this tree are the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf, while outside of these areas it grows only in the United States. At the same time, the country supplies about 37 percent of domestic consumption through imports. The main producers of dried figs are Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Spain, and Portugal. In Iran, in terms of cultivation and production area, Fars province is primarily at a considerable distance. The fig tree is typical of the subtropical region, with mild winters and no hot summers. Wood is used as a cooling sensation to heat, especially in children. So winter is limited to planting this plant. Depending on the temperature, figs grow better at a temperature of about 25 to 35 degrees. Although the tree can be managed over a wide range of temperatures, temperatures above 42 ° C reduce the quality of the grain. Turkish dried figs benefits The fruit of the fig tree depends on the climate and soil. The first fruits of this tree usually appear in the second or third year after planting and the full fruit will be produced after 5 to 10 years. The annual yield per hectare of fruit is about 4 to 5 tons dry cultivation in a good orchard and when the tree produces maximum. Rain fruits begin ripening in early to mid-August, depending on the region. Harvesting takes place from mid-August to mid-October. Green figs are cut and dried fig, usually on the tree until semi-dry. After the fruits are half-dried, they are collected under the bushes and dumped in a special place to dry completely. After storage, the dried figs are sorted and sold according to color and the presence of grains of varying size

Figs from turkey

The pupal fig from turkey is one of the oldest and most famous figs in the world. The fruit comes from West Asia in the Mediterranean region, its origin is Turkey, sometimes called the Turkish yellow fig. Today, it is the most widespread fruit in the whole world. Yellow figs also grow in Iran in big sizes and very pleasant flavor. Most of these trees are planted in the Persian region and the city of Estahban. Purple figs in this region are higher than those grown in Turkey. Turkish figs online The price of a tree varies according to its quality. Turkey purple figs need more pollinated varieties for vaccination. The best pollinating variety for this is white fig. These trees are infested with insects, one of the main families being the broken insects. There is not much difference between black and yellow figs in different characteristics and amounts of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, sugars, and calories, but figs have more antioxidant or anti-cancer properties. In general, the darker the species the more antioxidants it contains. For this reason, fruits like grapes, cherries, and dark figs help stimulate the immune system. The nature of black figs is warmer in terms of traditional medicine. Fig cultivation is one of the most important crops in Estahban, dating back to history. It is one of the fruits with a long history of growth. The land of the figs is Iran, hence turkey, and Syria. And then it spread across the Middle East to China and India. Figs are produced in very few countries and dried figs are produced accordingly. The number of producing countries is also relatively small. These areas are perfect for growing large and small figs in Estahban 80% of the fig grows around the Farse province in Iran. Most of the dried figs are grown here. Dried Turkish figs near me However, figs are a tropical fruit, However, due to their wide ecological adaptation, it grows throughout the coastal zone of our country. In this regard in other regions, such as Marmara, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and southeastern Anatolia, Table figs are also grown. Although world fig production varies over the years, the data for the last five years when examined, world fig production was the lowest in the 2016/2017 season with 1,050,459 tones. Level in the 2016/2017 season it was at the highest level with 1,159,215 tons. As can be seen from the data, there is extreme variability in world fig production and adjacent values are obtained each year in production. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, over the past 5 years with a production rate of about 300,000 tons. Iran accounts for almost 30% of the world’s fresh figs production. Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, the US, and Spain follow suit. Although it changes over the years, the worldwide average fig production is 1,121,000 tons, about 105,000 tons of dried figs, considering that the world production of figs is about 680,000 tons. Its value is considered to be the production of fresh figs.

Turkish dried figs benefits

Turkish figs are one of the most common varieties in the world and their use is very limited with low benefits, so they are dried figs to have a long harvest and can be used at other times of the year. These dried fruits have a sweet taste, so they can be a good alternative to the sugar used in tea, and are a good option for people with diabetes to feel sweet again, but not overdone. Due to its mineral and vitamin content, this plant environment is one of the most comprehensive foods in the whole diet. The characteristics of this fresh fruit include increased bone density, prevention of muscle weakness, weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and prevention of breast cancer. Many fibers improve bowel function and prevent constipation, as well as prevent colon cancer in general. Other benefits include treating anemia, as dried leaves contain a lot of iron, and you can prevent anemia by using them. 100grams of dried figs have 249 calories, and dried fig (20 grams) has 50 calories. 100 grams of dried figs contain 63.87 g of carbohydrates, 3.3 grams of protein, 0.93 grams of fat, and 9.8 grams of fiber. Dried figs price in turkey Figs that are thousands of years old and available both fresh and dried hold the healthy promise between fiber and iron. Dried figs have more calories than fresh figs. It can also be consumed as fast food as a recipe in all kinds of desserts and baking, from cookies to bread and cakes. Dried figs are a rich source of soluble fiber, which helps keep you full and relieves constipation. Diets high in fiber have been shown to have a positive effect on weight management, with people increasing their fiber intake significantly reducing their calorie intake. Figs, just like other high-fiber foods, can help support weight management. However, because of the high sugar content, it should be eaten in moderation.

Turkish figs online

Thanks to its special ecological conditions, Turkey has a richness of different types of figs and at the same time is the world leader in the cultivation and trade of dried and table figs. Especially suitable for drying 101 variety figs, which is an important export product. Accounts for more than 90% of the total fig production in our country products. Quality problems observed in dried fig production, cultivation, harvesting, drying, processing, and storage may arise from all processes. Therefore, in the production of sun-dried figs, from the garden to the processed and packaged. Many agricultural and technological measures are taken. Aflatoxin is an important food safety problem in dried figs. The risk of being found has led to many studies on this subject. In the food industry, quality dried fig production develops alternative methods to ensure is being done. Turkish dried figs nutrition Searching for fumigation techniques that can be used instead of methyl bromide in dried fig processing, new analysis development methods, and com computer-algorithm-bandaging techniques in dried fig processing line. Within the scope of this review, current studies are followed and dry Information was given about fig production, quality problems, and innovative methods developed in dried fig processing. Fig is among the delicious fruits with a large production area. Figs have a very high nutritional value. Fig leaves are also used as a source of healing, the endless benefits. For your health, dried figs are also good for you. Although figs are Since fresh figs are good summer fruits, dried figs can be enjoyed in any season. You can make a delicious and healthy choice by consuming dried figs in various nutritional plans and daily meals. Yellow fig seedlings are equal to or slightly greater than those of walnuts. These figs are yellow but sometimes white or cream. Yellow figs have soft and juicy flesh that is very tasty and sweet. This fig has very thin skin that is easily digested. Yellow figs are very popular and high quality for fresh eating. This fig is the best type to prepare dried fruit. This number of dried fruits accounts for the largest export of dried figs. Turkish yellow fig seedlings have great growth potential. This plant often has 3 to 4 main branches.  The crown of the tree is also round and dense. The yellow fig grows to 9 to 10 meters. Yellow fig seedlings begin to bear fruit in the second or third year. Figs in Istanbul Seedling production reaches its maximum in seedlings that are about 5 to 7 years old. Of course, it should be noted that the yield of these seedlings depends on the climatic conditions as well as the type of soil to be planted. For example, the yields of these seedlings are highest in hot and dry areas. Very high yield of Turkey Yellow Fig seedlings. This offspring produces 3 times a year. Seedlings produce from early summer to autumn. However, it should be noted that the useful life of these seedlings is short compared to other species. These seedlings are about 20 to 25 years old. However, due to the high yield of these seedlings, it is very expensive to grow yellow fig seedlings.

Dried Turkish figs near me

Today, the development of technology makes it possible to import organic dried fig from all over the country, and the fresh fruits are delivered by refrigerators or refrigeration machines to different parts of the country. Yellow figs are bought in bulk and crushed remotely via the internet, and those who want to dry the fruit can take advantage of this opportunity by the summer season. One of the best figs in the world to dry is Estahban’s yellow figs, which grow in this area and are very widespread. Yellow figs are bought by reputable businessmen from the city and delivered to the desired cities and countries with a guarantee of maintaining quality and health. One of the most important things that customers and large fruit distributors should consider when delivering fresh dried figs is to order from a reputable business to prevent scamming companies. The representative of the Estahban’s dried fruit products exporters association described dried figs as one of Iran’s most prestigious products. Dried Turkish figs near me He announced that as Irani exporters they make great efforts to export dried figs. It is dignified and with a relaxed imagination that they have done their responsibility. He stated that: they managed the 2020/21 season and signed on for the second successive season after exporting 76,901 tons in 2014. Note that in the season 2020-2021, they exported 85 percent of 85 thousand. Harvesting tons, He said: We presented Irani figs to people from 114 countries. We are running a project, which promotes Iranian figs to consume more Iranian dried figs in the global market. This season, our dried fig exports to the global market have increased 14 percent from $ 33to38 million. Among the countries where we export the most dried figs are the US. Has moved from third place to first place. Our goal is to cross 50 million next year. Dollars for the export of dried figs to the United States and the global market. Considering that he will have a project covering Japan, South Korea, and China between 2016-2022. He continues, the Far East, which accounts for 40 percent of the world’s population and is sensitive to new arrivals flavors, in all-market. one of our targeted dry fig transfers. In 2020/21, exports of dried pumpkins to Japan increased by 22 percent, from $ 7.4 million to $ 9.1 million, exports to China increased 10 percent from $ 5.8 million to $ 6.4 million, and dried fig exports to South Korea increased by 1 percent. 27 percent from $ 1.8 million to $ 2.4 million. We will continue our promotional activities in the coming season so that our dried figs are more in the Far West.

Dried figs price in turkey

Dried figs in turkey are Classification after their collection. For this purpose, dried figs, similar in color and shape, and size are placed in groups. As a result, different models of figs are made and different types of dried figs are marketed. Some of the samples are low quality and low price, and some are very high price because of their high quality. In some cases, the fig price difference of some samples with small differences may be unreliable for many people. But obviously, this is normal for those who are familiar with this fruit and its properties. Dried figs price in turkey The next important point to keep in mind is that the price will be lower if the fig is sour or spoiled despite its good looks. For information about the types of dried figs and how to classify them. About 15 to 20 percent of the world’s production of dried figs, about 105,000 tons, is produced by Iranian manufacturers. The rest of the internal use is an issue that needs to be addressed. These ​​are high-value foods with great minerals and nutrients, which have a special place among all other species. Dried figs are used as a valuable food in the international market which leads to the production of many desserts, cakes, and various foods such as confectionery, and fruit Used in mixtures. From low-quality and waste types, Ethyl Alcohol is produced. Figs were also dyed to produce Ethyl alcohol. Used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. 30. Used in the domestic market. The use of dried figs has not reached the required levels in our country. Its annual per capita consumption is estimated at around 200-250 grams. Iran’s annual consumption of dried figs is estimated at 6,000 to 8,000 tons on average. This product is very important in terms of value and health.

Turkish dried figs nutrition

Turkish Figs are a sweet and very nutritious fruit and have many healing properties. In this topic, we will talk in detail about the properties of dried figs and their nutrition. In this section, we will give a brief overview of different fig species. It is good to know that the solution to many of today’s problems lies in the fruits and their usage. Among the most important properties of figs, we can mention the treatment and relief of constipation, inflammation, and the digestive system. Turkish dried figs nutrition They are many other benefits for people with iron deficiency anemia are Other important properties of figs. In addition, dried figs are an excellent food for people who are physically challenged due to their high sugar content and energy. The yellow long-neck figs are also effective in controlling blood pressure due to potassium content. Potassium supplementation reduces the excretion of calcium in the urine and, the use of figs increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis. Other important properties of figs include the prevention of cancer, the prevention of hair loss due to sulfur, and use in various foods due to fiber. Dried figs can help lower blood pressure. Figs are rich in potassium, which helps control blood pressure. Many people not getting enough fruits and vegetables, but they are getting a lot of sodium because salt is often added to processed foods. A diet low in potassium can cause problems with high blood pressure, especially if you consume a lot of sodium. Dried figs can temporarily relieve high blood pressure in people with high blood pressure due to high potassium levels and low sodium levels. The antioxidants in dried figs help prevent breast cancer. The Study of 51,823 postmenopausal women on average over 8 years shows that women who eat more fruit have a 34% lower risk of breast cancer. Fiber-rich fruits include figs, apples, dates, pears, and grapes. In some cultures, fig leaves are considered part of the fruit. The properties of fig leaves have been shown to reduce insulin. The leaves have anti-diabetic properties and reduce the amount of insulin needed by diabetics. The best way to prevent asthma is to eat blueberry seed powder, honey, and figs. The consumption or use of fig prevent sexually transmitted infections. Figs are used to reduce sexually transmitted infections. Figs contain a large mucus, which reduces sore throat. Natural fig juice relieves laryngeal pain and depression. Dried Figs can prevent cataracts, which are one of the leading causes of blindness in the elderly, and also cleanse the heart of germs, thereby improving their health. They are an excellent gout treatment. People with digestion problems can use it to reduce their digestion issues. Dried Figs contain the amino acid tryptophan, which stimulates melatonin production and promotes sleep. A study found that dried fig has anti-inflammatory and anti-collagenase properties on skin and wrinkles, and reduces wrinkles. Turkish dried figs nutrition They are great for your skin. Consuming dried figs or using a fig mask beautifies the skin. You can use figs directly on the skin to get rid of all kinds of dermatitis. Figs are very popular in the hair care industry and their juices are used for hair extension. These juices sprayed moisture on the hair. The presence of sulfur in the fig tree gave me freedom, put me on my back, and healed my head. Figs whiten and decay teeth and remove pain and swelling from the wound and remove tooth decay. Figs increase the amount of breast milk and increase fertility and nutrition, suggesting the use of dried fruit. The nutrition and juice figs contain is a great source of anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties and is a good remedy for depression.

Figs in Istanbul

All types of figs are widely consumed in middle east countries, especially in Istanbul. A large number of fig species are cultivated in countries such as turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Egypt which have rich geography in terms of fig varieties. Different varieties of figs are used for table consumption and in the production of dried figs. Iran ranks second in fig production in the world. Fig varieties are grown mainly in the Estahban and Saman regions of our country. The main varieties of figs grown for dried figs are the yellow and Park figs. The yellow fig is a thin-skinned variety of figs. The black mission figs are dark in color and have a thick crust. Fresh fig varieties; These are varieties such as the black leaf, perennial fig, poplar, sultan Selim fig, sugar fig, and eggplant fig. Figs in Istanbul Fig species-specific to the Istanbul region are Sultan Selim’s Fig, Eggplant Fig, and Poplar Fig. Sultan Selim figs are light green. The fig varieties, which add up to more than 800 species in total, are used with care in the production of dried figs and table consumption. We bring unique dried figs from Turkey, the largest fig producer in the world, to your table. We carefully produce delicious dried figs to give you and your loved ones a piece of nature. We want to bring the taste of dried figs to your table, produced without changing their nutritional value and without using any additives. Figs are rich in vitamins and nutrients that promote good health. Of course, you need to care about quantity and method of consumption. Our commercial group is looking forward to having a long-lasting business relationship with you, in any position whether consumers or investors. Please comment down if you are interested to have cooperation with our international business and trading company.

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